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See our github repo here.

I don't know which kind of ranking I should choose

As of June 16 2024, this tool is still being validated, so while we cannot definitively say which filtering method is best, we currently recommend you stick to the dynamic re-ranking method. By doing this you allow for a more encapsulating filtration of your gRNAs since you're allowing them to be evaluated on two parameters. We'll be sure to keep this page updated in the event of any changes though.

Why can't I filter my gRNAs from _______ site?

While we hope to integrate gRNA checking for all the sites one might use in the future, we've currently kept to implementing it for those sites we have used most often. You can always feel free to email us though and we would be more than happy to add support for your favorite gRNA design site! Otherwise, you can also organize your own gRNAs into a tab separated file with the following format: Rank Sequence Chromosome Location(bp). We do this mainly because it allows us to be fairly certain your gRNAs will get properly formatted. There are many, many different possible ways to organize gRNA information in a file. Having this information and sticking to specificed sites allows us to be certain of the format of your gRNA information. Without this it's very hard for us to filter your gRNAs appropriately.

I'm interested in using this tool for research, how can I cite this tool?

While there is currently no paper associated with this tool, you can cite it as:
Turman, Gaea, and Daniel Pollard, “NucJuke - A gRNA re-evaluation tool for CRISPR-Cas9 experiments in yeast”,
Ver. 1.0.0, April 2019, www.wwu.nucjuke.com.
You should additionally cite the paper/authors of the tool you used to originally design your gRNAs.